Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let The Second Revolution Begin

While the attorneys in our midst plan an attach over the “obamacare” fiasco using the courts as their weapon of choice. I am advocating herein a second alternative to turn the tide of galloping socialism. (Previously known as “creeping socialism”). Hopefully if either of these first two approaches works we will not have to use the ultimate tactic of civil armed revolution.

My suggestion is to use Uniform Legislation with the aim of starving the federal government. A good source for understanding this approach is the link below. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uniform/uniform.html

The legislation I suggest is already in a form that can be quickly modified to achieve our ends. It is known as HR 24 “The Fair Tax”. Once A state has adopted this legislation their citizens and any business entities profits within these borders would be exempt from federal income tax. The only two services that are needed from the federal government are National Defense and State Department activities. Both of these federal divisions could be funded on a per capita basis based upon a running five year average of the departments initionally. The federal debt likewise could be frozen and a per capita assessment would be assessed to liquidate. All federal properties within the borders would be turned over to the states for their respective management and use.

Each state could modify their tax rate and monthly prebates as their own social tendencies dictate. The people who reside within their borders will either collectively through the voting booths prevail with common sensical regulations and laws or with their feet find a state more in line with their beliefs and values.

I realize that the above idea will need a lot of scrutiny and enhancement. But I have confidence in my motto that “ideas beget better ideas” and perhaps someone who comes across this paper will take hold of this idea and run with it. I for one am tired of preaching my conservative message as I see only regressive declination in the younger generation that follows. I was blessed with an education that taught me how to think on my own and appreciate traditional values. Evidently the institutions of learning that shaped my consciousness have all choked on their own liberalism.