Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Living Will

LIVING WILL                                                               JAMES D LYNCH

I, James Daniel Lynch] ("Declarant" herein), being of sound mind, and after careful consideration and thought, freely and intentionally make this revocable declaration to state that if I should become unable to make and communicate my own decisions on life sustaining or life support procedures, then my dying shall not be delayed, prolonged or extended artificially by medical science or life sustaining medical procedures, all according to the choices and decisions I have made and which are stated here in my Living Will.

It is my intent, hope and request that my instructions be honored and carried out by my physicians, family and friends, as my legal right.

As a Roman Catholic, I fervently believe that all humans will have a life after death. Furthermore, for those of us who approach the point that we are consuming more of the earthly riches and well being than what we are contributing, we should welcome the opportunity for a quick and inexpensive death. We should consider that perhaps an unconscious state that will result in pending death without expensive medical intervention might well be an invitation from our creator. Thus the final best lesson that can be taught to our offspring and other loved ones  is the acceptance of this invitation.

Thus, if I am unable to make and communicate my own decisions regarding the use of medical life sustaining or life support systems and/or procedures, and if I have a sickness, illness, disease, injury or condition which has been diagnosed by a licensed medical doctors or physicians who has personally examined me, (or more than one (1) if required by applicable law),  as being either (1) terminal or incurable certified to be terminal, or (2) a condition from which there is no reasonable hope of my recovery to a meaningful quality of life, which may reasonably be referred to as hopeless, although not necessarily "terminal" in the medical sense, or (3) has rendered me in a persistent vegetative state, or (4) a condition of extreme mental deterioration, or (5) permanently unconscious, then in the absence of my revoking this Living Will, all medical life sustaining or life support systems and procedures shall be withdrawn, unless I state otherwise in the following provisions.

Unless otherwise provided in this Living Will, nothing herein shall prohibit the administering of pain relieving drugs to me, or any other types of care purely for my comfort, even though such drugs or treatment may shorten my life, or be habit forming, or have other adverse side effects.

                I am also stating the following additional instructions so that my Living Will is as clear as possible:

Resuscitation should never be administered  even when I had been completely free of any disabilities other than age prior to the need for resuscitation.

Intravenous and Tube Feeding  should only be given when I specifically ask for it.

Life Sustaining Surgery will only be requested by me if procedure cost less than my prior annual earned income and I am expected to be completely whole and independent of others.

New Medical Developments should only be used if cost is within limits in above paragraph and expectation the same.

Home is my preferred place for death if any of  my family is available.

In the spring of  2011 I  completed and submitted the paper work necessary tofir an Anatomical Donation of my body in the event od death. This is held by the Anatomical Board of Nebraska; however, should I die in another jurisdiction anywhere  this donation can be executed by any willing local board that has same intent.

It is my intent to post this Living Will to my blog at for reference if ever needed.
In the event that any terms or provisions of my Living Will are not enforceable or are not valid under the laws of the state of my residence, or the laws of the state/province where I may be located at the time, then all other provisions which are enforceable or valid shall remain in full force and effect, and all terms and provisions herein are severable.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have read and understand this Living Will, and I am freely and voluntarily signing it on this  June 25, 2011 in the presence of witnesses.

                Signed:   James D Lynch

                Street Address:     3705 S 112th Street              County: _____Douglas_________________

                City and State:     Omaha Nebraska, 68144

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