Friday, October 3, 2008

Open Letter to John McCain & Sarah Palin

10/3/2008 12:48:59 PM

TO: John McCain
Sarah Palin

As it appears right now (in spite of today’s Rescue Package passage) your campaign is doomed to fail! And again IT IS THE ECONOMY STUPID as driven by the media and our broken tax system.

I am gambling that my message will find it’s way through your screeners and handlers and after you understand the concept of making the Fair Tax (HR25) fair as I outline in the enclosed document or which you can also access on my blog you will kick in your maverick tendencies and have the courage to endorse the fair tax plan after redefining consumption, This tactic will undoubtedly win the support of many democrats once they understand that the financing of the affairs of state will be born by all who have the means fairly. Note that the side benefit will have the benefit of correcting the ills of wall street and get top management moving to intermediate and long term planning and not next quarters earnings report!

The last three pages that are stapled together that shows that the current Business USA tax paying ranking is 76 out of 178 nations will drop to number 1. Under your leadership I believe we can take the composite rating to number I as well.

(SEE Details posted 9/12/08)

James D. Lynch
3705 S 112th St
Omaha, NE 68144

402 333-2291

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