Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Demise of Public Education

John Adams our 2nd president might well be deemed the Father of our Public School System; however, if he were alive today he would definitely be sickened by the deterioration that prevails and point out where we've gone wrong. Education addresses the six questions of, How: Who: What: Where: When:  and Why. The most important being Why? Since the ultimate Why is God who can not be mentioned in today’s public schools due to the ill conceived notion and interpretation of "separation of Church & State" then whole of education can never be completed.


Looking at our public school structure today we need to redefine the roles that come under the umbrella of the delivery system in place. Rethink how the education can be publically funded but privately delivered.


Abolish public education as it exist today, and replace with a results oriented system that will tract recipients of the education for 13 years and beyond and award dividends to institutions for  proven success.


Develop a standard for defining “special educational needed students” whereby an intensity level between ½% and 100% is applied coupled with areas of deficiency are apparent. Then equivalents of ability for learning are applied to the student population. Similarly troubled student definitions that pinpoint source of problem needs to be addressed. A one strike –two strike then (you are out and into a reform school) approach whereby student and parents are simultaneously evaluated and parenting skills monitored. This category of student would be assigned to schools similar to how poor auto drivers are presently assigned for high risk to various insurance companies. When homes are identified where poor parenting is obvious evening parenting skill courses would be offered.


The above is intended to give a kick start to the whole notion of primary and secondary education: publically funded but privately administered.

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