Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is Common Sense Dead

Yesterday, I finally got up the energy and determination to get my tri-annual check up with Dr O’Bama (he’s 1/8th Irish). The good doctor told me that I was grossly overweight, sluggish and immobile and a victim of that evil profit making fast food industry. His prognosis was either liposuction or a visit to his associate Dr Kervokian down the hall. I was not comfortable with his assessment and decided to get a second opinion. I decided to see Dr Du Quack whom my eccentric neighbor assured me he would look at more than my symptoms and get at the cause of my problem. Whoa, after a brief review of my background and daily routine he told me that if I followed a recommended diet and start an exercise program I could slowly regain my youthful physique. The cause of my health problems was my own overeating. Then he said that you did not just get in your condition overnight you’ll need to get back where you should be with a slow and methodical approach.

Americus Commonie Sensical.

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