Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Simple Healthcare Bill

A Simple Health Care Bill

1) Quadruple Current Healthcare Contribution Limits for HSA's from $3000/$5950 to $12000/$24000 for self or family in addition to any employer contribution.
2) In addition to currently allowed coverage expenditures, allow for purchase of medical catastrophe insurance coverage. Minimum deductible equal to poverty limit.
3) Furthermore allow interest free loans or gifts from one HSA to any other HSA.
4) In recognition of current and future retirees prior funding of Medicare coverage, allow age 65 or orders individuals to receive 60% of the average monthly Advantage (Currently estimated at $700 per month) to be deposited in their respective HSA’s for electing out of government plan.
5) Provide HSA’s to families in the form of Health stamps for all lawful citizens whose annual income are less than 150% of poverty level.
6) Establish a Non-governmental organization (similar to Center for Health Transformation) with $10 Billion (decreasing to $1 Billion) for ten years for funding to set up standardization of medical records for mining purposes etc, but restricting access of individual records to patient and doctor only.

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