Friday, October 16, 2009

Hubble Spacecraft & Healthcare

The other night I watch a program on PBS about the rejuvenation and fix of the Hubble Telescope. What an inspiration this success story portrayed of what we can accomplish in this country when the right minds are directed to the task. Contrast that to the feeble attempts our politicians are trying to accomplish on health care.

We should demand that are congress empower some commission to apply the fix that health care needs. We all know that the cost of health care is increasing and out of control. This cost escalation as a percentage of our Gross National Product can like the Hubble be fixed and decreased. Once it is controlled we can export this service through out the world. But it cannot be done by the lobbyist and politicians as they will only make it worse.

So let’s appoint a group of experts with diversified backgrounds in economics, healthcare, computer services, and any other related field who share a vision for improvement in the delivery system at less cost. I would think a group of 15 +/- individuals could adopt a plan of action that could be written up in legislative form in no more than 20,000 words or about 50 pages. There task should be expected to be concluded in six months and have an 80% consensus on the recommended plan of action. The membership of this committee should swear to be free from any lobbyist and supportive of our free historical democratic republic and not looking to run for any public office or expect any public appointment. In other words, be a competent true American. Our healthcare system can be fixed and be the “Hubble” of the world.

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