Saturday, September 26, 2009

ACORN Housing Corporation Statistics

AHC Stats 1986-2006

Clients counseled


Mortgages created


Mortgage Amount


Clients educated


29 offices nationwide

The information above was copied off ACORN Housing Corporation website. Note the average mortgage $126,742
For the 21 year period from the 29 offices. That computes to nearly 11 loans per month assuming all 29 offices were operational over that period of time. But notice In that same period they also educated 284, 758 and counseled 250, 226.

I sure would like to know what percent of these loans were forfeited or renegotiated. Also, prudence would dictate that
the principal breadwinner of each home should have an income equal to or more than 1/3rd of the amount borrowed.
It would be interesting to see how close the actual number was.

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