Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obama Health Insurance Reform?!

So the Obama administration does not want insurance companies who offer the only worthwhile Medicare program available (Advantage Plans) to express their disagreements concerning their omniscient health plan. Good, I too would just as soon see all health insurance (including governmental) abolished. The solution is simple: Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s). Then honor the contractual obligation the Government forced upon the citizens since 1966 & remit 80% of the so-called “subsidy” now paid the Advantage Plans to seniors who elect to be self-insured.

Let me and my doctor decide how to spend my HSA, and allow me to give funds out of my HSA to others for their medical needs and ultimately pass on this HSA to my heirs. I can join with other like HSA members to form an Alliance whose dual purpose will be to gather electronic historical medical information and encourage health providers to publish their fee structure and discounts.

This approach will let the government concentrate on only those concerns we expect of them as outlined in our constitution.

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