Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wrong Train Ride

Let’s assume you have been offered a great job in Chicago, but as you hate to fly you decide to take the train to move to your new location. Down to the depot you go, hop on the train which immediately takes off and you settle down in a window seat to view the scenery. Suddenly you realize that the train is headed west to California. Now is the time for decision and action. THE BIG QUESTION... When are you going to get off this train?

Well, fellow Americans, you got on the wrong train back in 1965 when Medicare was adopted, now the politician-porters are trying to convince you that you’ll enjoy for ever the fairyland in the horizon. Since you didn’t do your homework then you have just enough time to get a dose of reality by reading a paper by Steven Hayward and Erik Peterson “ The Medicare Monster” January 1993 Reason Magazine . See how the good intentions then led congress to believe that Medicare deficit would only be $12 billion by 1990 adjusted for inflation but actually became $107 billion.

Now, the new senate plan is only projected to be $880 billion. Get off your duff and off this train: go to the exit door now for the next stop, and do us all a favor and throw out the window immediately any politicians you see on your way!

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